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This is our core show – live, as it happens! We break down left brain and right brain topics, and discuss the arts, tech, politics and everything in-between that makes up the human experience (within Western Culture).

So, if you’re craving authentic and insightful perspectives on society and culture, tune in each week as we take on the conversations, reviews, and news you care about! And we’ll try not to get too political, but no promises.


Survival? We’ve got the bandages!
RPG? We’ve got a sharpened battle axe!
Team shooter? We’ve got the ammo!
Story-driven game? We’ve got the excitement (you bring the popcorn)!
Early Access, Alpha & Beta games? We’ve got a review for you!

Join Evin and Tatiana every week for exciting games, hilarious jokes (at least we like to think so), engaging perspectives and a passion for entertaining you (the Brainstream community).

Filmmakers, actors, directors, digital media producers and gamers – we create and connect so you have the best experience as a member of this community and on Twitch or Mixer.

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Live Shows

Watch our live streams on Twitch or Mixer! Join our community to chat with us.


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