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Not too long ago, in this very galaxy…

It all started with a little thing called independent media. Thanks to the 2016 US primaries and general elections, many independent media outlets bubbled to the surface. Some had been around since the days of Air America, while others just started finding their voice on YouTube. This grabbed our attention, because we found the traditional news outlets to be lackluster – both in content and presentation. Independent media broke the formulaic (and archaic) structure of how people got their news, and we very much wanted to be part of this growing movement.

With this newly found inspiration, we decided to join the independent media community. But, how? Having already successfully run a podcast on digital media and marketing for the previous two years (you can listen to Branch-Out on iTunes!), a podcast seemed like a natural choice. Thus, MindMine Podcast was born.

Live streaming: the next frontier.

Around the same time, our new smartTV led to the discovery of Twitch. Because, apps. It helped that we were also gamers. (Thanks, Nintendo & PlayStation!)

We watched a few streams and realized that the Twitch community was the type of community we envisioned for MindMine. A place where diverse voices converge from all over the world – where individuals agree or agree to disagree. It’s a space where information and ideas are shared, and where creativity and innovation can thrive.

Bringing the MindMine Podcast to the live stream medium felt like a natural next step.

MindMineTV Community Artwork

MindMineTV Community Art







About the hosts

Who are these people, again?

Tatiana Ivan: Co-Host of MindMine Podcast & TV (Los Angeles, CA)

Marathon TV-show watcher. Video game enthusiast. DIY adventurer. Ailurophile. Storyteller through digital media and print. Writer.

…or is it author? What’s the difference, really?

Evin Anderson: Co-Host of MindMine Podcast & TV (Los Angeles, CA)

Feel free to pick Evin’s brain any day. He loves great stories, great games and being a part of this great community! When he’s not on MindMine, he’s acting, teaching and seeing what else life has in-store.

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